Wednesday, August 2, 2000

Italy - Venice

I have no words to accurately describe my feelings toward Venice.
It is the city that made me completely speechless with wonder.          

Initially, I had expected some disappointment at seeing the city. I had too high hopes and usually the reality could never really compare to my imagination.
But Venice turned out to be a place I had dreamed of and more.

Venice canals
The train entered the city atop a water way...
I know rail was somewhere on solid bridge or ground, but the only thing I could see outside the window from the train was water.

Venice canals
As we got out of the the train station, the first thing that greeted me when I walked out from the train station was a tall bridge...

Train station
It is rather impossible to tell, but Venice is composed of hundreds of little islands. There really is no road to speak of. The taxi and bus are both on the water.  
Venice canals
I strolled...across the bridge, through the narrow streets, in search of San Marco. I had a map, but it was absolutely useless. There really was no good way to mark the small little streets on the map. 
Strangely enough, I somehow knew where I was going.
On the way, I walked into a small mask shop. 

San Marco

Venice Grand canal
I had always found the time of Veronica Franco fascinating, the days of honest courtesans. When women could only excel and be free by being a social outcast.

Venice canals
The artist was about to finish the final touch to the golden mask.
I thought I'd traveled back in time, the time of the Republic of Venice...

Venice canals
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