Thursday, October 31, 2002

U.S. - New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is one of the most beautiful city I have ever been to...despite the loud, noisy, and crowded streets often cluttered with too much litter. I fell in love with it instantly. I find it rather sad that I had not had chance to visit as many places as I'd have liked to in this city, but if nothing else, I have walked the streets of French Quarter for hours...
French Quarter lace
Ever famous Bourbon street...
It is always busy. At any time of the day you wander down the street, it is always full of people, music, and smell of alcohol.
If you take a nice stroll through this busy street at night, you will realize that there is not much that you cannot find here.
People will throw beads at you...others will try to compliment you on the street asking you to dance. Very Gallant men they have...
Or if that is not what you are looking for, just look around you...
You will find every imaginable mix of people and costumes here. Perhaps that is why vampires frequent this place? Everyone seems to fit in.
I really wanted go after the strange glowing colored liquid that is Absinthe.
Bourbon Street
It is still possible to ride river boats in New Orleans without taking a time machine to go back in time...
Although you might still want to use that time machine if you have an access to one.
It is true New Orleans still retain that timeless beauty and history, but why would anyone want to refuse a chance to actually witness history or wear the bygone fashion.
Mississippi River Boat
Cafe du Monde...
When you are in French Quarter, this is definitely a place where you would end up late in the morning one day...and you won't be able to resist ordering the ever fattening, but ever delicious beignets and a cup of their special Cafe Au Lait.

Cafe du Monde
French Market...
You will find many different items that will tempt you here. Fruits, vegetables, and all types of spices as well as all assortments of clothes, jewelry...
Even if you are interested in none of the above, you would not be able to resist the famous Praline stores. One bite of Praline will cure anyone's sweet tooth. 
French Market
Riding one of these street cars is another thing you will have to do in New Orleans, whether it is due to your own eager desire to do so or you are somehow forced into it due to lack of any other means of transportation.
They are cheap, but exceptionally slow.
I have worried quite often about whether it will actually be able to successfully take me to my destination, but if you are in New Orleans, why not try something as cool as riding a streetcar?
It is definitely less smelly and faster than the carriage ride.
Street Car
Jackson Square is where you will find many performing street artists.
You will see people juggling torches and knives. You can have your portraits painted or your fortune read.
If you are an antique lover, check out the Royal Street. You will never see so many antique shops in one area. They sell anything and everything although we all know that antiques generally tend to be expensive, I'm sure you might find some bargains somewhere. 
Jackson Square
Court of Sisters...
This is actually a restaurant. The strange thing about this place is that sometimes you will find it, and sometimes you won't. One day I accidentally stumbled upon it by a mistake and next day I was not able to locate it.
Of course, you can always look it up on the map, but why spoil the adventure?
Court of Sisters
Same is true for this little place named "Le Petit Theatre". You will find when you are least expecting...when you are not out to find this place. Then poof, it is no longer there when you want to find it.
You never know what treasures you will find strolling aimlessly in French Quarter.   
Le Petit Theatre
New Orleans, of course, is quite famous as a jazz central.
You will find numerous jazz clubs...and if you can't get inside due to one reason or another, you'll find jazz on the street! You can't ignore the sound of jazz in New Orleans.
So just relax and swing to the spirit of the music.
There's something about jazz that I can't seem to get enough of.
Jazz Hall
New Orleans is famous for French Quarter Lace
(I'm sure you know what I mean by that...they are the beautifully decorated balconies.
It is said that people of those times displayed wealth in these laces.
Everywhere one looks, there's the nostalgic history.
There's something in the atmosphere.
I still don't know exactly what... 
French Quarter Lace
Carriage Tour...
I have yet to try it, but someday...
If none of those appeal to you, take a look inside one of the oldest cathedrals in U.S. or browse through the collection of paintings in the museum. Better yet, take a stroll around the parks or cemeteries.
Or perhaps it is the night tours that you crave?
I highly recommend taking a night tour or two. You get a whole new perspective on New Orleans. 
Carriage Ride
More recently taken New Orleans pictures

Near Cafe du Monde
Famous Marie Laveau's tomb
Cemetery near French Quarter
Cemetery near French Quarter
More cemeteries
Street Car is still going and going...
French quarter at night
Mansion near French Quarter

There are so many cool signs in French Quarter!


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