Interested in seeing what our world travels have been like? Have a look at one of our books. Our goal is to produce one of these for every new place we visit together. We use the print-on-demand publishing service provided by to make these beautiful books:


We traveled to Turkey for 8 days in December of 2009. From the Hagia Sophia to Ancient Cave Churches in Cappadocia to the bustling markets of İstanbul - experience a beautiful Turkish winter with the authors. The book was designated a "Staff Pick" and featured in the 2010 Blurb pop-up stores in New York and London. From the description page:

Photographs and maps of İstanbul, Efes, Pamukkale, and Kapadokya in Turkey documenting one couple's winter travels through the country. Artfully designed in a manner inspired by the works of Barbara Hodgson and Nick Bantock.

한국 (Korea)

We spent two and a half wonderful weeks in Korea. Whereas Sally was born there and has been back many times since she became an expat, It was Justin't first trip to East Asia in general and Korea in particular. From the back cover:

For her, it was another in a series of return visits to the land of her birth. For him, it was an incredible experience - a first-time visit to a land both staggeringly ancient and extraordinarily modern. From the bustling streets and subways of Seoul to the tranquil and serene ancient Buddhist temples in the mountains above Gyeongju our intrepid travelers seek to convey just a portion of the surpassing beauty and wonder of this singular country - Korea."