Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Italy - Florence

We arrived at Florence after sun down. It was a warm summer and the streets were still full of people. The first incredible site that greeted me was Duomo...the grandest landmark of Florence. It is in the middle of the city, standing tall. 

Bagello Museum
There is a river that runs through the city...and over it, a most incredible street-bridge, Ponte Vecchio. Near the bridge, there is Palazzo Vecchio. This is where some of Medici resided. The Bell tower and Uffizi. The gallery facing the river. It is full of beautiful Medieval art...Boticelli for one, and it is impossible to take one's eyes off from the ceiling. I had the worst creak in the neck!

Uffizi Museum
This sculpture of David by Michelangelo is an impressive sight, drawing the visitors to the Palazzo.I wish I lived in the time of Lorenzo Medici...the patron of art and the greatest mind of the century. 

One of many Davids in Florence

Palazzo Vecchio
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