Thursday, August 3, 2000

Italy - Rome

Rome...Roma is truly a grand city.
I expect old cities to be full of narrow streets, stacked houses, and little alleyways. Many old cities do have all of those conditions. It is almost a requirement for a reminiscence of bygone civilizations.
Rome, on the other hand totally surprised me. The streets were relatively straight, large and they all led to the Roman Forum, the center of all activities of Ancient Rome.
It IS true! All the roads really lead to Rome...
This is an actual Roman Forum...whatever is left of it and when I saw this, I wondered how many people have walked the same path I have walked?
Perhaps even Julius Caesar himself walked on this path?

Roman Forum
There were two very prominent arches...
Triumphant arches. The stories of the triumph are carved inside the arch.

Triumphant arch
The structure with triangle roof is Curia, there Senators debated. Unbelievably, the structures is still very well maintained.
I wondered...
What sort of business they talked about? Could it be that current political activities were in existence in Rome of B.C.?

This was once a Temple of Romulus.
I am sure you are well aware of the story of Romulus and Remus, how they started Rome. This temple is very interesting because it still has the original bronze doors that existed in Ancient Rome!
The lonely columns that are standing once used to be the place of Vestal Virgins...

Temple of Romulus
After walking through the hot and dry streets of Roman Forum, I encountered a refreshing path to the Palatine hill. Up the mountain there are villas of old Emperors, the cool air and shades from the trees as well as spectacular view of Colosseum!
I wonder if there is anyone who does not know what Colosseum is...
Even if you've never been to Rome, you've seen it somewhere...on the television, in the movies (Does Gladiator ring any bell?)...
It was famous for the gory games during its prime and now famous for the sheer massive structure of it.
It was once able to hold around 60,000 people!
I think that equate to a baseball stadium.

I wonder if anyone can guess what this interesting site used to be...
Perhaps you guessed it correctly, perhaps not. It used to be a market place with many stores, stalls...
So many people buying and exchanging goods. Can't you see it in front of your eyes? Use your imagination!

Market Place
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