Friday, September 1, 2006

Spain - Figueres

An adventure near Barcelona. I suppose not too much of one since everything went smoothly. It took a bit of confusion finding the right train station, but I managed and found myself on the train to Figueres...all because I love Dali and I wanted to see his funky house museum.
Figueres, funky street car
Figueres was a small town, quite charming, but if it hadn't been for the Dali museum, very few would frequent here. There was some sort of festival of sorts when I arrived.
Figueres street
Dali museum was definitely a sight. It was strange to extreme, with courtyard in the middle composed of strange sculptures and arrangements.
Dali museum
That is not to say it was not amusing to me. I always loved Dali, definitely more so than Picasso. 
Dali museum
I loved all the funkiness of the house. There was so much to be distracted by, from floor to ceiling.
Dali museum
I don't think I would quite be able to live at this place though.
Dali museum
I got this brilliant idea to hike up a mile to the largest castle in existence. It was hot, sweaty, but I got to see what few people saw.
The excursion to Figueres was definitely worthwhile, but I was happy to be on the train back to Barcelona.
Castle Franco
Books about Dali and Figueres:

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