Friday, September 1, 2006

Spain - Canary Islands

I found peace in Puerto de la cruz. As I walked down the cobble stone streets of Puerto de la Cruz right before the sunrise, I, life is beautiful. I know there's talk of island fever and all that, but I thought perhaps I could stay there forever like that. Of course, reality is hard to face. 
Puerto de la Cruz
I found this little angel on top of a house as I walked. Sun has not really come up all the way. I thought it might be pointing me to the paradise. The weather was really perfect. And the food is marvelous. Definitely worth trying are all the mojos and seafood.
Puerto de la cruz streets
There's little chapels everywhere, but this one was quite spectacular. I really loved the bell ringing although normally they would annoy me if I had not been traveling. Grabbing some ice cream composed of multiple fruit flavors and sitting by the square in front of church...that was life.
Puerto de la cruz chapel
The garden on top of the mountain was quite lovely. I guess it is strange to visit the gardens as part of tourist attraction for foreign places since gardens, wherever one goes, are similar to one another, but the tropical flavor to it made all the difference. Besides, I got to read Spanish signs for Do not touch.
Jardin, puerto de la cruz
Compared to Puerto de la cruz, Santa Cruz was relatively a huge city with lots of stores, buildings, parks...

Santa cruz de Tenerife
Santa Cruz had many fountains and squares. One would be hard pressed to believe it was still a part of Spain, but...   
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Quite a famous fish in Santa Cruz. I heard why it was so famed, but I have no clue now...I suppose I should read the explanation at the bottom.
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz had one giant park in the city, composed of ponds, garden paths, fountains, many different types of trees. After the night of dancing, it was rather relaxing to stroll the parks.  
Garden path, Santa Cruz
Still, I think I would definitely pick Puerto de la Cruz as the spot to go for the peace and loveliness. If I could just spend few weeks, perhaps few months there...
Santa Cruz park
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