Saturday, May 1, 1999

Taiwan - Taipei

Views of the National Museum in Taipei. All the treasures of China are here. It is said by sheer man power, the treasures were moved from Forbidden city all around China and to Taiwan, without breaking a single vase.
There is so much treasure here that most of them are locked inside the vault inside the mountain seen behind the museum.  It's said that to see all the treasures, one has to go to the museum every day for four years...or some ridiculous amount of time like that.

National Museum
Taiwan was full of Chiang Kai Shek memorials, gardens, monuments...
So called the father of the country resides everywhere.
The one with blue roof is Chiang Kai Shek memorial with his bronze statue inside.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial
They open late at night, little street full of trinket stores and restaursnts. It is a real treat...literally and figuratively.

The night market in Taipei

Buddhist temples are often seen in the city.
The temples contain tribute to Buddha as well as other gods. They are very different from the Buddhism seen in Japan or Korea. Their temples are very elaborate with decorations on the rooftops and they believe in other gods besides Buddha.

Buddhist temple

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