Monday, October 6, 2003

Spain - Toledo

Toledo is known for its least to me until I actually stepped into the city of Toledo.
We once again passed the Sierra Morena, Olive trees and found ourselves in the Castle region. Literally, there were castles everywhere...
View of Toledo
We got a nice view of all of Toledo, surrounded in 3 sides by river and one by mountain, from the top of the mountain.
View of Toledo
Toledo is city without frills. It had once been the center of Spain so to speak, but now a small city. It once boasted of having all 3 religious groups living in harmony.
View of Toledo
Cathedral in Toledo is also very important... seems that every cathedral in every city is important.

We saw very beautiful surviving fresco and headed to see the ever famous fresco of El Greco. I had no idea I would become to like him...but I do now.
We saw some examples of beautiful Toledo gold inlaid swords in the shops...also the Damacene jewelry. I tried very hard to resist the temptation to purchase one.
Toledo probably had the narrowest streets of all the cities we visited in Spain.
It also had the most beautiful bridges across the rivers.
Narrow streets

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