Friday, August 1, 2003

England - Bath, Stonehenge

Stonehenge...shrouded in mystery...the talks, speculations. No matter how mysterious it seems, I advise not to spend more than 30 min in front of Stonehenge.
The mystery will disappear if you stay longer than 30 min, like Cinderella's carriage turns into pumpkin after midnight. During the 30 minutes however, you wonder, you marvel... 

No matter what, England does have its share of Abbeys and Cathedrals.
Due to the hours I was not able to go into Bath Abbey, but one cannot miss this Gothic style Abbey in Bath.

Bath Abbey from the back
Roman Bath...
The primary attraction of "Bath"...well at least it was to me. I had read so much about Aqua Sulis, the old province of Roman Empire that I had expected it to be just like it was in old Rome.
Of course, that aspect of my expectation has disappointed me a bit, but still, it was not something to be missed. The myth, intrigue...all still exist there.

Roman BathBath is a small, but extremely pretty city. I fell in love with the streets and the little houses on sight.
I have a feeling that with its sunny streets and quaint little stores, the suicidal rate at Bath would be very low compared to some other parts in England.

Streets of Bath
Another charming little corner street in Bath.
Bath was small enough city that one only needs a palm size map and few hours to walk around the whole city. I suppose many more hours could be spent just roaming around the little streets forever, but we had finite time.
It was strange to see modern designer clothes and coffee shops nestled inside the old architecture. 

Streets of Bath
 I is only a telephone Booth!
...but ever since I got a small momento from London of telephone booth coin box from someone when I was young, I had always wanted to see it. Imagine my delight when I found numerous such red telephone booths in London.
One has to be tourist once in a while...
Or maybe simply a nostalgic fool...

Telephone Booth
It might be hard to see the sign of Sally Lunn's house, but it is there in this picture.
I have never thought to encounter a museum that is the kitchen of someone's small house, but apparently this Sally Lunn is famous for her Buns.
Even I had to taste one!

Sally Lunn's house

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